Make Sure Your Words Hit The Mark

Before you publish a press release, finalise an article or launch your own website, you’ll have invested hours of valuable time carefully crafting your text, all with the aim of ensuring your audience receives your message precisely as you intended. Don’t let all that hard work go to waste: be sure that your words lose none of their potency, even in another language.


As an English native speaker and literature graduate, I have an in-depth understanding of the English language and a passion for linguistic detail. I’ll work with you to transform your test into stylistically and semantically accurate written English as well as carry out extensive research to make sure no minor detail is missed.


When it comes to advertising and marketing, words need to strike the right chord in order for your intended rhetoric to unleash its full effect. Cultural knowledge and references are key. Transcreation is more than just translation – it is a way of delivering the core message in a language that makes sense to the target market. This involves a more creative input from the translator and a deep understanding of the message that your words convey.


If you are looking to publish an academic article, or want your company press release to portray a professional image, it is crucial that your text be proofread by a native speaker. Not only can a fresh pair of eyes spot any grammar mistakes, a second check will also ensure that your message is clear and concise, as well as being stylistically accurate.

Nivene Raafat MA MCIL CL

I am a professional German to English translator/proofreader based in the UK with several years’ experience in corporate communications, marketing texts and academic publications. In addition to holding a BA in English and German and an MA in Translation Studies (both from the University of Leeds), I am a chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists and abide by its professional code of conduct.

  • Member of the Society of Authors
  • Holder of three CISI-recognised qualifications (Fundamentals of Financial Services, International Introduction to Securities & Investment, Corporate Finance Regulation)
  • 2018 CISI award winner (Fundamentals of Financial Services exam)

I specialise in marketing, academic and financial texts, and my translations have been included in a range of international publications, including Berlin Fashion Week Magazine and WeAr Magazine. I also work extensively with German- and Swiss-based NGOs to edit and finalise publications with one or multiple authors.

Die Zusammenarbeit mit Nivene stellt einen großartigen Ruhepol im normalerweise hektischen Fertigstellungsprozess von Publikationen dar. Sie arbeitet zuverlässig, hochkompetent, gewissenhaft und schnell. Der Austausch mit Nivene geschieht prompt und unkompliziert. Dies alles sind außerordentliche Qualitäten, weshalb ich hoffentlich noch weitere Jahre mit Nivene zusammenarbeiten kann.

Berit Grosswendt
CEO & Co-Founder / ROOM 26

Nivene gehört zu unserem internationalen Team aus erfahrenen Autoren und Übersetzern. Sie arbeitet hoch professionell, verbindlich und stets zu unserer vollsten Zufriedenheit. Wir schätzen sowohl die kompetente Herangehensweise und Umsetzung der verschiedenen Projekte als auch ihre aufgeschlossene und herzliche Persönlichkeit. Wir freuen uns, Nivene an Board zu haben.

Nina Hegendörfer

Ich arbeite sehr gern mit Frau Raafat zusammen. Frau Raafat fertigt qualitativ äußerst hochwertige Übersetzungen an und liefert diese stets pünktlich. Im Laufe unserer mehrjährigen Zusammenarbeit habe ich neben Frau Raafats Zuverlässigkeit besonders ihre sorgfältige und professionelle Arbeitsweise zu schätzen gelernt.

Andrea Vogel
Managing Editor / WeAr Global Magazine

For many years, we have worked with Nivene and it has always been a pleasure. The communication is always smooth, she is able to be flexible and her communication is perfect. Even if she didn’t have time to contribute, she would find us someone excellent to replace her. She is very reliable and delivers good quality work on time.


Each project is unique, and the cost of translating/proofreading your text will depend on your specific needs. Why not get in touch and we can discuss your project further? I aim to reply to all messages within 24 hours and, upon request, will provide an initial quote free of charge.